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Real love

How do you feel about God today?
How’s your relationship with Him going?
Is He still close to your heart or do you feel He’s been taking the backseat?
Wait…did you put Him in the back seat?

I was reading a blog post from Jordan Smith Blog and I came across something that felt like an AHA! moment for me.

Your obedience doesn’t change God’s love for you. It changes your love for Him.

I’ve noticed in my walk with God when I’ve done something wrong it’s harder to get down on my knees. When I close my eyes my mistakes are literally before me and I can’t pray properly. It’s easier to run and hide (like Adam and Eve).

What this quote says to me is that God welcomes me into His presence always.He’s as happy to be with me when I’ve been good as He is when I’ve done wrong.If I confess, He will forgive (1 John 1:9) and we can move on together happily.

If I don’t confess, I look into the mirror(His Word), I see the truth of the wrong I’ve done and I lock myself away from Him, in guilt and in shame.That’s when He starts feeling distant. That’s when I start feeling He might have given up on me this time but no. He never does.

God wants me there because He wants me there.I’m forever His little treasure after all.No matter what.


For a more in-depth look into this check out this post by Jordan Smith- If you love me. What do you hear God saying to you today?

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